Into the Game

“We must die without betraying ourselves!!”

Jorge Valdano

Being a football coach has to do with a great passion for the game and an equal passion for working with people. It´s a multifactorial and multi task job in which the coach works to live himself through the game played by the players, seducing them for a Game Idea, a Model, that grows throughout the training sessions, in order to express dynamically an Identity that he helps to build up.

Despite the personal identity of the coach it´s the Model the most important entity to create and develop.

It´s a coach task the passage of his own Game Model to the group but most of all the establishment of an idea among all players, that will characterize “what we are”, really above of “what is the coach”, supported in values that all share permanently as a group and a team and in the institution, allowing a collective identification.

Having a Game Model is assuming an intention, objectives; we speak about behaviours, individual, sectorial, inter-sectorial and collective behaviours… we speak about things that allow us to play the football game, about dynamic. Basically, the Game Model makes us be, exist, and that´s why we can say “what we are is reflected on the way we play, and the way we play makes us be who we are”! This is the relation between Model and Identity.

The Model is also a guide that separates what we want to be from what and how we played, because a game played is already concrete and has to do with behaviours observed, with action, with what we can call Game Plans.